The VW Campervan of the Future!

Recently we posted an Infographic of what VW Campervans of the future may hold, but now there is a short animated video showing exactly what the future camper may include, check it out below!

I’m not too sure I like the look of this camper and doubt anyone would want to use it for <strong>wedding hire, but some of the feature it has inside look pretty amazing! I really like the expandable living space, the chair that turns into stairs up to the top bedroom and the expandable cooking areas.

Probably not ideal for a prom or a wedding but so hand for travelling round the country and camping. Let’s hope this isn’t just an idea but will actually be the VW Campervan of the future!

What other features would you want to see in this futuristic VW Campervan?


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Kick Ass Campervan Designs!

At Dub Tails we like to keep all of our VW Campervans quite traditional and classy, which is ideal for weddings or proms, but we do still love to check out some of the more wacky and mental VW Campervan designs that are out there! Here are some of our favourite campervan designs:

Surfer Campervan

This first Campervan has to be one of my favourites ever as it is the ultimate beach bum camper! It has the surf board rack on top and an awesome surfer paint job which makes it a complete one of a kind. I’m just a bit unsure of what’s going on at the front of the camper with the big white box, but it still looks really cool!

Ultimate Hippy Campervan

The VW Campervan has always been synonymous with hippies and flower power, which is personified by this campervan which has the most colourful and bizarre paint job we have ever seen! I just hope the driver can actually see out of it!

Happy Campervan

Finally, this campervan just makes us feel chilled out and happy! It is a simple design but I can’t help but smile when I see it, you can imagine the owners of this campervan rarely being stressed out or mad, unless perhaps someone scratches their paint job!

So there are some our favourites, have you seen any interesting VW Campervan designs lately? Share them below!

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Awesome Campervan Gifts!

As you can probably imagine, here at Dub Tails we love all things Campervan, especially VW Campervan gifts!!! So I thought I would share some of my favourite camper gifts with you and hopefully you can all show me others you have found that I can add to our collection:

VW Campervan Clock

Ok, I know what you’re thinking; “that is sooooo ugly” and you are right, but that’s what makes it awesome! It’s tacky but cool, and a constant reminder of all the most awesome paint jobs there have been in VW Campervan history! If you like the tac as much as me then you can check this out at vdubstore and at £13.99 it’s not badly priced (unless you think it really is that ugly!).

Campervan Cups

Aren’t these cute! I love how they look all squashed and diformed, but still like a proper old school VW Camper! You can pick these up rom one of my favourite campervan gift sites, Happy Camping which has loads of kitchen accessories, art and other bits and bobs all VW Campervan themed!

Lego Campervan

I know! Awesome right! I absolutely loved lego as a kid and now I love campervans so put the 2 together and you have my money on a plate as I want the lego campervan!!! So cool and so accurate, check out the timelapse video of it being made:

So there you have it, 3 of my favourite VW Campervan gifts! Tell me if you have spotted any other gems I can add to my growing collection!

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What Will Campervans of the Future be Like?

Here at DubTails we love retro, old school campervans, in fact the older the better as far as we are concerned! But when we came across this infographic it did get us thinking “what will campervans be like in the future?” Will cars, campervans and motorhomes be completely re-invented? Will they become more like a proper living space, with Wi-Fi, living rooms and baths?

Here is one take on what future campervans and motorhomes might be like:

I do often miss some gadgets and modern technology, such as internet and TV when I am in my campervan but I can’t image a complete over hall such as this! What do you think? What will we be driving about in the future? What improvements would you make to the classic campervan or motorhome?

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5 Bizarre VW Campervan Gifts

Here are some awesome VW Campervan accessories and gifts that we just adore here at Dub Tails!

1. Can’t afford your own VW? Loved your hired one so much and you want to relive the experience? Why not invest in this life size campervan tent! Available in red, blue and yellow and with enough space to stand up and sleep four people, you’ll be the envy of the campsite with this retro tent from Firebox.

2. Bring the VW vibe to your old banger with the simple addition of a VW Campervan Air Freshener from Wubsdubs. Your little car will not only smell pleasanter, but you’ll always be reminded of how awesome VW Campervans are!

3. If you are lucky enough to have your own VW Campervan or planning a trip away in a Dub Tails hire van, don’t forget your kitchen accessories, that will complete your VW experience or bring the retro vibe into your home, with this adorable cutlery set from Happy Camping, decorated with VW artwork.

4. Bring a splash of VW colours and fun into your home with this strangely odd, VW Campervan light switch from VW Camperworld. I can guarantee that none of your friends will have these!

5. For your inner child or your actual children, how about this mini remote control VW Campervan? A to scale replica for VW enthusiasts, owners and fans.

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Where we will be this Wedding Season!

With the Wedding Season fast approaching, we are looking forward to travelling all around the north to different cities, towns and venues to help people make the most of their big day!

Last year we covered hundreds of miles in our beloved campervan Sweat Pea and this year we have a second VW Campervan, Ringo Starr, to help us cover more miles and of course more weddings!

This year we will be travelling all around Yorkshire, Lancashire and the whole of the North to help make loads of Wedding dreams come true! In between, we will also be doing many proms and maybe even letting people take our campervans on holiday (unless we take it away ourselves!).

We still have spots available for anyone looking for VW Campervan Hire this summer and for the rest of you make sure to give us a wave if you see us pass by!

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What to do during the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday?

With the Royal Wedding fast approaching and a fabulous 4 days extra days off with Bank Holidays, we can’t wait to get out and enjoy this amazing weather we’ve been experiencing! Whether you are planning to embrace the Royal Wedding celebrations or avoid them like the plague, here are a few ideas of how to spend this extra time off.

Road Trip!
Whether you’ve got your own vehicle, or if you decide to hire one, like a retro VW Campervan. Aim to get as far away from the Royal Wedding and explore areas of Britain that you didn’t even know existed. Seek out some secret coast lines for a surfing and sunbathing break or head to the hills for woodlands and wildlife walks with a picnic. Or if you fancy the city life but without the chaos of Royal Wedding London, why not try somewhere like York, Edinburgh or Liverpool for an experience of a different city life.

Street Party!
In true British tradition a number of towns, villages and cities will be hosting street parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding. For the true patriotic types this is the way to spend the holidays: afternoon teas, bunting, union jacks and vintage charm. To find out about what street parties are happening near you, check the local papers or contact your council.

For a more private affair, why not hold your own mini street party at home? With this wonderful weather a barbeque would be ideal, or get your friends around on the 29th April to watch the television broadcast of the Royal Wedding.

Get Away!
To get away from the drama of it all, many of you will want to make the most of the extra days off and spending some money on a trip away, to really avoid the Royal Wedding head abroad, choose somewhere which won’t be showing the Wedding and totally escape and relax with the knowledge that the Royals gave you a free day off, thanks then!

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So what are the plans for the Royal Wedding???

As the long awaited Royal Wedding draws very near, what have the lovely couple got planned for their special day? There is no doubt that this April’s Royal Wedding is sure to offer some inspiration and new trends for future Brides-to-be.

Kate Middleton’s Dress Rumours
There have been so many speculations about who will be the lucky chosen designer for Ms Middleton’s wedding dress. A gig that many designers are fighting for, whatever is chosen is bound to go down in history and bring the designer new levels of fame. The latest rumour is that Kate Middleton has chosen Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s protégé and current designer of the late McQueen’s range. Sarah Burton would bring a new edge to a Royal Wedding gown, and would immortalise the McQueen label.

The Royal Wedding Car
We’d love to say that the couple have chosen a lovely retro VW Campervan from Dub Tails, but sadly for us they are not. Traditionally Royal brides travel to the venue by horse and carriage but it has been announced that this Bride will take a traditional wedding car, to join the fleet with the other guests.

Royal Wedding Feast Rumours
The other big part of any wedding is the cake, it is rumoured that this Royal Wedding will be catered for by Sophistcake of Lincolnshire who had catered for many Royal Weddings including that of Charles to Camilla in 2005 and The Queen’s birthday in 2006.

Confirmed plans for the Royal Wedding are remaining a closely guarded secret, with much speculation. But one thing is for sure is that the Royal Wedding will mark an extra Bank Holiday for the country, so I don’t know about you but we will be off for a nice weekend away in one of our VW’s! Perhaps Cornwall for a spot of surfing?

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Classic Campervan gets Modern Makeover

At Dub Tails we are all about the VW Campervan (well they are kind of crucial to our business!), but as much as we love the hippy van we aren’t too sure about this new one. For some reason VW have decided to re-invent the classic VW Campervan into what looks like a minibus/4×4/people carrier.

Now don’t get us wrong, this new car is nice, with lush interior, all modern gadgets and stylish looks, but it is not a campervan! As a car or a people carrier the new VW is fantastic, but to compare it to or say it is a better version of the old classic VW is kind of strange as there are very few similarities between the 2.

Both the old and the new VW Campervans are stylish, loveable and unique in their own ways. Our campervans for example don’t have iPod docks or electric sliding doors but they have the classic split screen windows, large steering wheel and retro looks. The new VW’s don’t have the same classic charm as their ancestors but are packed full of technology, have a great engine and are very, very comfortable.

However, if we were spending our money it would be chic, retro and classic over new, modern and economical every time! What do you think? Are you a lover of the old or new?

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welcome to Dub Tails Blog

Dub Tails was born out of a love to be different!

At Dub Tails we offer you a fun and funky way to arrive in style at your wedding. She’s called “Sweet Pea” and is a beautifully restored 1966 Volkswagen Samba – 21 window Microbus deluxe.

Your Summer of Love split screen camper will give you a completely unique and memorable experience and will provide plenty of great photographic opportunities for you and your wedding guests, to ensure your wedding day is extra special.

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